Monday, 17 October 2016

there's .....something out there..... it's a bird?. of.. prey..

Do you remember when nature documentaries had to improvise somewhat when it came to the foley, as we in the film industry call it- the actual sound of the animals in their environment. Sometimes the camera is just too far away for a traditional microphone to work. Nowadays though, the craziest ways of recording close up sound have pricked up our ears, capturing not just the remote ambient noise, but replicating the way our very brains detect the aural waves lapping at our consciousness. So if you see a disembodied head with transparent ears, looking like Leiutenant |Ilia from Star Trek the Motion Picture, peering out of a bush- don't expect to be beamed up to see the Kirk Unit- it's just Tony's bizarre new method of obtaining accurate birdsong. I have not got access to that.


  1. Amazing! It's almost like it was in the room! You'll have to reveal your mic set up. How we've moved on from the days when the sound effects lab consisted of a couple of coconut shells and a washing-up bowl.

    1. it's all in the mind- you have to feel the birds presence- be the bird in fact. at the end of the day- it's just acting.

  2. Were you deliberately aurally anthropomorphising Ben? I detected a touch of the Johnny Morris's - in itself a disturbing proposition in todays retrospective climate.

  3. don't you dare sully his name. None of those zoo animals ever made a complaint against him- although when they were interviewed they all came up with the same story- almost as if someone else was speaking through them. And don't start on Nutkins either- he gave his fingers so we could see a sea-lion on telly


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