Sunday, 16 October 2016

Spurn spurned.

So often autumn migrants make things difficult- hiding in thick vegetation and only giving brief views that make identification hard.

Every now and then a clue to the bird's identity can be grasped, if you're quick enough.....

But even when you do finally work out what you're looking at, it can be hard to get clear views of the whole bird, and you're left with the feeling that you've left the table before dessert, or been struggling to drink through a blocked straw.....

Then again sometimes you're served up chocolate pudding in a bigger than expected bowl, you've got a clean straw that reaches the bottom of the glass and you can drink in the whole lot.

The Radde's Warbler spent some time moving between a big leaved sycamore and a more open hawthorn half way down Garden Drove at Warham Greens yesterday, and wasn't afraid to perch occasionally out in the hazy morning sun. Over at Burnham the Dusky Warbler proved to be much more elusive, flying off before we arrived while the small crowd was apparently looking the other way. After searching all the bushes up to the pines we had to admit defeat, and instead sat down to watch a pair of newly arrived Siskins feeding on the bramble-covered slope of a large dune slack, lulled by the unseasonal warmth and distant caterwaul of unsettled geese flocks rising from the fields inland.

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