Sunday, 30 October 2016

I can't believe dunc didnt put "this bird isa bella". or is that racist now. no dunc, it isnae. actually i think it might be a male, if the lores are anything to go by, so the pun doesn't really work. it's not racist though.

I've only just seen Isabelline Wheatear for the first time up on the Norfolk coast, so to have another one turn up so soon, and so locally is a rare treat indeed. The subtle plumage of greys and buffs and peach tones make for a real challenge when it comes to painting them, and when viewing them the light turns them from faded straw to bright sunset-gold and hazy lilac. Pearlescent and ever on the move, the bird at Wardy Hill hopped and flitted around the edge of a freshly dug scrape, catching flies with darting lunges and bolting for the next vantage point on the black fen soil piled up around the excavation.


  1. In an attempt to tap into the zeitgeist of pop I have tried hard to keep as many post titles referenced to a song title. The last a reference to Hysteria by Def Leppard, Sheffields finest 80's hair rock outfit, complete with one armed drummer and huge American success. They were bigger than steel.

  2. i think you mean softer than steel. are they still relevent? altmodische musik is what youve tapped into there mon ami, not zeitgeist.- i suggest you kraft your work more carefully in future. also - there was a song by jimi hendrix called isabella.

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