Monday, 10 October 2016

Back of the net!

Ringing has been slow recently, with the action akin to watching England with Wayne Rooney pulling the strings in midfield- slow, boring and ineffectual. But with this mornings news that Rooney may be dropped to the bench, the net immediately bulged in a moment of glory that only an England team without Wazza at the helm, and somebody good instead like Jack Wilshire or Ross Barkley playing, could conceivably match. I was fortunate to look up just as a young female Sparrowhawk volley itself past the keeper, and I sprinted towards the bird as it wondered why it was not holding a Goldfinch in it's talons but was itself held suspended a few feet away from the bird feeder. Extracting a bird of prey is like catching a cricket ball- if you don't commit it's going to hurt. Seizing my chance, I grabbed hold and returned to our little processing area. Howzat. 1-0. Goal! Bowled him! Your boys took a hell of a beating. Just look at his face!

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