Saturday, 18 June 2016

Lost in Sound

At the very tail end of May, Mark Welch organises the Ely10 birders away from an evening in the pub and towards the forest.  For several years we have conducted Nightjar surveys for Forest Enterprises.  Our first trip of the season yielded several churring birds but was not a classic night of Nightjarring with few sightings.  Tony, his recording equipment wrapped around him like copper filled tendrils of Ivy, his parabola primed to stalk the air for sound, wandered the rides before the gloaming capturing the joyous evensong of the Tree Pipit before heading to roost.

A long time ago I had a go at combining Nightjar within a song celebrating the many evenings of  my youth Nightjarring at Skipwith Common.  It's so long ago since recording this that MySpace was the media platform of choice

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