Sunday, 19 June 2016

englands dreaming

The waking marsh was quiet and tension-filled. Just a few godwits stood like marble statues in the silverwater. Then, as the red sun rose, groups of Knot rolled inland and spread across the shallows, herding like wildebeest or reindeer or bees or people. The sleeping jostling strolling preening mass began to change structure within itself, and before long, one bird stood out. A change of position brought the bird closer to us and changed the water sky blue- now streaked with the ripples of hundreds of wading cells that formed the whole being. The nucleus- our nucleus, disappeared from view and then reappeared as the weight of numbers flowed around it. We stared at the heart of this rare entity while the reedbed boomed.
Then hodgson brought on vardy and Sturridge- Get in!

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