Monday, 30 May 2016

Wild,wild,wild, go re-wild in the country.....

This last week I've been down on a farm.

This is a farm.

No, seriously, this is a farm.

Look- this almost looks like a gateway into a field.
Its got animals in it.

It is a farm- honestly. There are proper farm animals too,
at the Knepp Estate.It's just that the livestock prefer things to look a certain way, and do most of the land management themselves. And in turn, they provide top quality beef,

                                                    And the best bacon I have ever tasted.
All of which has the added by-product of some of the best country birdery to be had anywhere in England. Nightingales sing from thick tangled scrub, Cuckoos and Turtle Doves perch up on the wizened limbs of           mature oak trees, and sylvia warblers gabble from every bramble. It is a rural idyll.- a farming ideal.

                                            And  I do mean the best bacon I have ever tasted.

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