Monday, 20 April 2015

mist and migrants

A very misty morning forced us to use our ears more than our eyes, as we picked out a singing Lesser Whitethroat, and Reed and Sedge Warblers at Turbotsey Pond. Rich went off to work and, when the sky cleared, I drove down to Mepal to see if the Ouzels were still about.
They were- and I managed to edge closer and closer to them. After a while I left them and walked across the field to investigate the pipits that were flying about. The Sun caused a slight haze, and the scene before me was almost reminiscent of an African plain, with small thorn bushes creeping across the dried grassland. I could almost sense a Lion sleeping in the thicker scrub.
What I saw, however, was more like a Cheetah. A sudden start and a scatter of birds pre-empted the quick dash of Sparrowhawk. An impossibly tight turn as it overshot it's target was not quite tight enough, and the Blackbird now had just enough lead and open air to avoid capture.
It wasn't long before the thrushes emerged from cover, the Ouzels hopping languidly over the turf alongside a few Blackbirds and a Song Thrush, each one every so often glancing upwards, danger still fresh in their minds. Two Buzzards drifted over and the thrushes hid again, and this time they stayed closer to the brambles.