Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Certhia less than familiar

Glorious! Treecreepers are breeding at Roswell Pits. I've seen a couple in past winters, but never in the breeding season. Having had two sightings recently down between the railway and the small pit, I thought there must be a good chance of it- or more appropriately, them- nesting nearby. I picked up the needle thin call and turned round just in time to see the tiny thing dart into a line of shrubs. Through my binoculars I could see that it's bill was stuffed with small insects- and the chase was on. It flew across the open space and past a heavily coppiced willow, diving into the ivy clad tangle of leaning trunks that stand at the beginning of the spit at the entrance the pit. Having lost it to view, I had to listen to make sure it was still in the vicinity. It was, and it soon emerged, only to disappear almost immediately. Moving round the tree, I noticed a long fissure, about ten feet up, and everything fell into place.