Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Apologies to Mr Townshend

Yesterday, myself and Rich bore witness to one of the great displays from a team of Linnets flying in a well drilled formation over some seed crop, as well as a good performance from a Yellowhammer, who sang his praises at the railway end of Thistle Corner Drove.
This morning promised a repeat performance, but the 'Hammer just wasn't at the races today, and the Linnets were all over the place- there was no cohesion , no pattern.
There was one surprise however as I got to the railway, a bird that showed just why he 's a great addition to any field-side.
Cometh the hour, cometh the Owl. He's got that grace that others just can't emulate- you can't teach that, its just something you're born with and its a great skill to have in your locker.

He's worked the field beautifully, marauding down both sides. Then he's held his run along the railway line and went up on the fences with aplomb- I must say I wasn't expecting that Clive. What I love about this lad is he's direct, he comes right at you and he's gone through you with a little shimmy before you can turn. He's got a trick, but it's his surprising pace thats taken him across the railway line and into the rough grass. He's manouvred well out of a tight corner, and, having no joy there, he's not afraid to track back. There's only one thing on his mind, and that's the vole.
The return leg was a disappointing affair after that, but to be fair it did liven up towards the end.
Of course there were your Dunnocks and Blue tits of this world, but it was only when a pair or two of Linnets turned on the charm and stood up to be counted that things got interesting.
They might lack the flair of your Redpolls or even your Bullfinches, but they've got Character, which is just as important at this level. The thing I like about the Linnet is they do the simple things well, and are not afraid to stick their head above the parapet. This one sat in the hole, created by some bramble-tangle, then dropped back in a deeper lying role before shutting up shop, parking the bus and going for an early bath.
 He's no Lionel Messi of course.