Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The patio delivers again prt deux

I wasn't able to get out to do any nightjarring despite the excellent conditions, overcast, still and warm.  I wasn't able to get out to join the old boys playing football either.  I cajoled Geordie Steve to join me for a beer on the patio (phase 2) under the pergola (phase 1) and after a fly through Barn Owl and a little purring from the Turtle Dove, a Quail piped up and gave 3 rounds of it's distinctive triplet song.  It would be difficult to underestimate the hours I have accumulated listening for nocturnal birdsong hoping that I would eventually hear a Quail out there.  Ironically Whimbrel, which I optimistically thought would be an almost annual spring flyover, has also finally made it onto the garden list this evening.  A bird whistled twice on it's way over while I spent a further hour listening for the Quail to no avail.  All in all a very good way to break in the new garden hardware.