Sunday, 8 June 2014

Hawks at Welney

You'll have to forgive the misleading title. It has been business as usual around Welney this week including some busier moth catches with a nice selection of hawkmoths this morning (Elephant, Poplar, Eyed and Privet hawkmoths pictured).

As for the birds, a quick evening walk yesterday was quite productive. Still plenty of wader chicks around including some lapwing now fully capable of flight. There were also nice views of singing corn bunting, marsh harrier and garganey. One highlight of the past few days also was hearing bittern booming while walking back from the pub, coming from the washes just south of the A1101.

The barns owls seem to be doing well too, successfully taking at least three small mammals to take back to the nest in about 20 minutes.

Otherwise this weekend has been partly taken up monitoring reed warblers outside the Ely10 in my shiny new wetsuit....much cooler than chest waders but that's for a another time...