Monday, 30 June 2014

Grebe Success

Hello Ben,

We came to the Cathedral Birdwatch on the Sunday and had a great time, thanks.

We thought birders might be interested to know that the Great-crested Grebe pair, which were nesting on the lily pads at the back of Roswell Pits (near Cuckoo Bridge), now have a single chick.  they've been incubating an egg since the end of April and we thought it must have perished as the incubation time seemed far too long.  However yesterday the parents were feeding their chick small silver fish every few minutes.  It's still very downy and can't get very far underwater yet, but it has a lovely black and white striped head and neck.  What dedicated parents birds are!

Best Wishes

Valerie and Tom Sims

Photo by AJ Salveson