Thursday, 1 May 2014

Ecstatic Tremblings

Andy's casual drop of a singing Wood Warbler into the mix on his Duke of Edinburgh walk had left me daydreaming of shivering lemon and persil white phylloscs.  These are scarce birds in the county and an early morning post on cambirds about one singing in old Ely led me swiftly to leafy Deacons Lane, straight from the nursery drop off.

I had a 10 minute window to hopefully see and hear the Wood Warbler found by Neal Gates who lives on the road.  Within a minute I heard the evocative accelerating song notes finished with an excitable flourish and I was ecstatic.  Shortly after I was able to enjoy very good views of this vocal visitor in the lower canopy.  I have always loved watching the physicality and gusto Wood Warblers give in their delivery and this bird trembled and shook it's song free from it's lungs. 

It was a great, great pleasure to spend time with this bird who's presence meant that for the day Deacons Lane became spangled with a sprinkle of avian magic.  Ben dropped off some photos this evening  and a big thanks to him for getting some shots although who need photo's when a beautiful watercolour can deliver so so  much more......