Monday, 5 May 2014


a couple of hours in the evening. I parked up on Queen Adelaide and walked along the path at the back of Queen Adelaide Pit. Not much showing, could hear a sedge warbler, but not see him. Then on my way back to the bridge across the river I heard a cuckoo calling from the trees on the road side of the river, but again I didn't see it.

Across to cuckoo bridge and there was a reed bunting sat in the reeds standing out like beacon. The was also white throat in the tree. I took a walk along to the fishing pond and could hear a turtle dove cooing on the opposite side, clearly visible in the top of a tree.

A walk towards the path next to the car park and a blackcap male was flushed into the undergrowth. A white throat has a singing post in the trees after the gate at the back of Cookes on the right hand side. He's a bit flighty though. He seems to like the stinging nettles behind the gate (corner of Cookes) as he was back and forth between his post and there.

A pied wagtail was in the pasture together with a pair of song thrushes. they voiced their objection to me poking my head over the bramble and the wagtail flew to Cookes and along the corrugated walls, then disappeared at the drain pipe!! There were goldfinch all over the roof.

Back to the fishing pond and a couple (could have been 2 couples) of Artic terns (definitely this time, no black tips to bill) came and went and returned again. Around the back where the fishing peg is there was a green woodpecker sat in the upper branches for 5 minutes or more, which distracted from the fact a GS woodpecker was in the adjacent tree just as visible.I only saw this as it flew away toward the river.

Time to leave. Walking back along the path after cuckoo bridge and the cuckoo is calling again. Then I hear one, no wait 2 gold crest calling in the trees. I even got a glimpse and I mean a glimpse as the flitted around.