Monday, 5 May 2014


Well I got up, took the little one to nursery and found myself in a loose spot. I had the day off work as we were flying to Italy in the afternoon. I logged on and looked at the blog. Ben and Duncan had written about the wood warbler, so I decided to go and see if it was still around... no joy. I spent about an hour up and down the street and up and down the edge playing field. I didn't see or hear anything except a wren in every garden, or was it one following me? Anyway I decided a walk down by the river might wash away my disappointment.

Well I wasn't wrong. I park by the environment agency and walk down the road with white throat singing just out of view. Then as I approached the lookout on the right a couple of terns flew past. Now I'll go out on a limb (after Ben, Duncan and Mark highlighted this) and suggest Artic because they were making a right racket, but they whizzed past and I couldn't tell for sure.

Anyway it was a miserable morning with clouds and a little light rain. Our trip to Italy wasn't going to be a pleasant one so I decided to just enjoy the sights and the sounds; enjoy the simple things and just reflect on the wonders around me.