Sunday, 16 April 2017


A return to the Fen for Easter weekend and a few trips out to the east of the Ely10.  Chippenham Fen still has Woodcock's roding so I had a look at them just in case they deplete.  The Wicken Woodcocks have, unbelievably, thrown in the towel and vacated the site in the breeding season.  Hopefully this will be a short lived situation and they will return in time. It seems impossible to imagine an evening visit without their accompaniment.   
I continued the increasingly damp and windy evening with a listen for Stone Curlew which did whinny and cry from across the county border in Suffolk.  The weather was dismal so I called it quits and headed home.
A couple of daytime walks across the Fen and nearby Fordham Woods with the kids revealed plenty of insect activity with Holly Blue, Orange Tip, Comma and Large Red Damselfly fresh on the wing.

On Easter Sunday a dream was resurrected when I got the chance to watch (non breeding I hasten to add)  a Peregrine hanging out on the Cathedral.  I have waited a long time to see this having seen them fly around the tower and whizz over the town on occasion, I am really grateful to Andrew who let us know it was there this evening.  The day when young Peregrine fledges from Ely Cathedral gets closer and if this young bird does hang around, it may draw more Peregrine attention to the Ship of the Fen and start the process of them establishing themselves around the towers - well here's hoping.


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