Saturday, 22 April 2017

Jumping In Puddles

Do watch this Sigur Ros performance in the link above - I think it reflects the beautiful community aspects of #Earthoptimism that ran today in Cambridge.
I went out this morning hoping to see the Green-winged Orchid that Mark had found on Ely Common, fortunately he was walking across the common on his way to the Earth Optimism events in Cambridge when I arrived and pointed me in the right direction.  I loved this little flower poking it's way out of the ground amidst the Cowslips.  The site has historically held this Orchid but it is most likely that the Chettisham Meadows seed heads raked across this part of the common have helped.  Across the common an abundance of Adder's Tongue Fern showed itself too.  A pair of Jays have set up territory in a corner, Chiff-chaff were particularly prevalent and a Robin proclaimed it's territory against a shocking blue sky.

A big thanks to Shelley who made it possible for me to see the final series of lectures of #Earthoptimism this afternoon which included Ely 10 resident Tony Martin presenting the herculean achievement of ridding the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia of invasive rodents and allowing ground nesting birds to recover there.
Uncle Ben provided artistic sustenance for my girls, amongst many other appreciative onlookers
and Earth Hero Sir David Attenborough delivered to a standing ovation.

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