Tuesday, 17 January 2017

weekend nomad

I hadn't planned any birding this weekend but Rich and Alex came round on Saturday wanting my assistance with Rich's "help the old and infirm" outreach programme visit to Wicken, and then on Sunday, Dunc dragged me along as child minder - ironically involving similar duties in the main, although with some slightly disconcerting " my two gay dads" overtones ( not helped by Dunc referring to me as his birding wife- I'll pretend to be a gay guy for you Dunc but I draw the line at being the wife- that is, and always has been woman's work).
Needless to say, I had the last laugh as I enjoyed the heck out of two thoroughly enjoyable outings that didn't even involve going to Norfolk. Except for the part when we were in Thetford. which is in Norfolk- but only just. It's like Suffolk's gateway into Norfolk- a deliberately deprived town devised to soften the massive culture shock that would surely be felt by any suffolker leaving his(or her) county ( countess). Soham provides the same service in Cambridgeshire.

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