Sunday, 1 January 2017

Night Owl

Not one of my photo's I'm afraid but I was in the car as the picture was being taken by Simon Patient on our Arctic epic some years ago.  I was deluding myself that I may be able to see Short-eared Owl like this while taking the toddler out for a drive (read baby sleep with some roadside birding thrown in and mini walk).  Two afternoon trips ensued the first to Burwell Fen where up to 15 have been seen in the last week and then later in the week to Eldernell.  Both sites were bustling with birders and others with lenses, at Burwell the sunset was gorgeous and I got side-tracked into taking photo's of Owls, Kestrels and Folk against this backdrop.
That is an Owl there

The afternoon trip to the Nene Washes resulted in closer views of the Owls and also the semi-resident Cattle Egret trying to hitch a ride on the backs of the grazing Sheep. A few Cranes added to the continental vibe as did the 20 or so roadside Buzzards encountered across the fen.  Although I did see the Owls better and got some video footage the black spots that have appeared (as the did on my last Lumix) have got too much.  Having practised on my old camera with the guidance of some You Tube DIY guides I have now cleaned the sensor by taking the camera apart and hopefully will have ridded the camera of this problem for awhile.  Apparently the large optical zooms on these create a vacuum when retracting that draws dust back into the body over time - very irritating. 
I didn't get anywhere near the images I might have liked but the long shutter speed and high digiscoped magnification in the gloaming gave an interesting impressionistic image which I doubt I could have created intentionally. 

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