Friday, 4 November 2016

Light Flight

It's always the same.  Days, sometimes weeks but never months go by when the pace and fervour of the unnatural working world engulfs me for a while.......

and then the Big Sky Homecoming

our Fens are just awesome for it.  I've been welcomed home by it out on the Norfolk coast, the Tibetan plateau, the Otago Plains, the Arctic Tundra, the Australian Outback, against the Himalaya's and on each of the World's Oceans but it's always been The Fen for strange.

So full of connectivity, and joy and awe the sky began it's kaleidoscopic pinking. Stood on the bank at Pymoor the wild swans bugled and commuted.  Geese, less wild, bar the lone Bean that flew North-west, honked and fed and flew in bunches, away.  A more fluid and excitable bugle rippled over the Wash and a flock of 20 Crane rose over the far bank almost bobbing on elastic as the dipped and peaked over and around one another.  They landed, a straggling herd, in the monochromatic gloom enveloping the damp grasslands.  Just bloody brilliant. 

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