Sunday, 20 November 2016

In the City

I had a good drive around the Fen looking for finch flocks and mostly getting diverted by plentiful flocks of Golden Plover and Lapwing.  I did see quite a few Corn Buntings including flocks of 20 and 15 but didn't locate Yellowhammer or Reed Buntings which are potential carriers for rarer species.  The Washes were quiet but I had left looking around the city sites until the end as it was raining when I set out.  At the Sewage Work a Grey Wagtail was vocal amidst the throng of yarelli.  I did track down a Chiffchaff in the buddleia tangles and when it flew closer it called before I could get bins on it - a classic tristis peep, which it did frequently I got a minutes worth of views down to 10m and it looked spot on too.  Unfortunately I hadn't taken my camera with me but I'm sure that pics will emerge over time as it isn't likely to go anywhere soon.  For that very reason  I did take my camera in a pessimistic stroll along the river.  A Glossy Ibis was seen here during the week but I hadn't been able to see it looking from the roadside layby.  Even when along the tow path I was looking out into the wet field and it wasn't until I looked right by me that I saw it, ridiculously close and oblivious to passers by. Not a bad morning out.


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