Saturday, 9 May 2015

Cheese (and the lost age of kodascoping)

Digiscoping still amazes me.  As a teen I bought some chunky adapter that allowed me to attach my even chunkier Zenit SLR to my treasured Bausch and Lomb Discovery Telescope.  I was chuffed to pieces to be able to take some shots of Osprey and Curlew Sandpiper, after painstaking stalking, which smudged onto Kodachrome celluloid to remind me in the depths of a Yorkshire winter that for a glorious fortnight during the summer, Stithians Reservoir in Cornwall had become my patch.

The sheer ease now of placing a cheap, palm sized camera up to the lens of your scope and being able to choose between grabbing a half decent record shot or  filming in HD video boggles and excites me in equal amounts.  I've not really looked after my last little Lumix snappy camera too well and somewhere along the line it got some watery residue on the internal lens system that could be seen as scratches on images and just wouldn't shift.  So I bought an new, older high spec Lumix on the web through Amazon but the blighter didn't turn up - my very first internet purchase sting.  Having been reimbursed I bought a new new one instead and it arrived in the post yesterday.  Keen to give it a whirl I popped down to the little wadery pool  opposite Cuckoo Bridge to see if the LRP would say cheese.  Which it did along with some not so Black-headed Gulls.

What is even more boggling to a semi-luddite such as I, is that you can use your mobile phone, where my first one looked like this (and I'm only on my 5th one now 17 years later)............

to take photo's down your scope of stunners like this.
Viva Technology..........