Monday, 4 May 2015

Blackbird bonanza

Given its modest dimensions, it doesn't take much to dominate our garden, but, regardless, it has been well and truly dominated by Blackbirds of late. Regular, if not daily, visitors over the Winter months, they seemed to become permanent fixtures over the last 3 or 4 weeks. Then, a week ago, youngsters appeared; first one, quickly followed by two and finally, we realised, three. They tucked themselves away in Ceanothus and Winter Hyacinth but their presence was betrayed by frequent visits from their parents. Then one day they had vanished, only to all reappear the next day and this pattern continued, culminating in them sitting more openly in the Ceanothus yesterday, making a racket every time a parent appeared - which they did with astonishing regularity - just how do they find all that food, often without leaving the boundaries of our garden? So busy were the family that we postponed planned gardening tasks and left the garden to them. Today, nothing, save two quick glimpses of the male. At one stage general alarm caused me to look up and see a Sparrowhawk circling round. I found myself sparing a thought for 'our' birds and hoping they were safe. Perhaps they'll be back tomorrow, or perhaps it's already goodbye. Whichever, we're taking it as a sign of approval for all the work we've put into the garden over recent months and hope that Blackbirds continue to find it to their liking.