Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Purple Persuasion

Two wings good, four wings bad.  A sound call I admit however Ben crumbled with no pressure when I asked him if he fancied looking for Purple Emperors this afternoon.  Having whispered in the ear of a friendly Fermyn Emperor last Sunday we did see His Imperial Majesty in Cambridgeshire today!!!

We started with a Red Kite a mile or two outside the Ely10 alongside the A14 near Kennet. With increasing humidity and warmth during the afternoon we were fortunate to locate 2, less than confiding, Majestics on the wing during our woodland walk and shed-side vigil in Ditton Park Woods.  Representing 2 wings an underwhelming of Goldcrest, Coal Tit, Marsh Tit, Chiff-chaff, Blackcap and Song Thrush all hid and sang and squeaked from the under growth.  With successful sightings of iris under our belts and in our caps, we could have easily retired for tea and medals.  The recce was complete and we headed back Elywards.

On our return to the 10 we had a stroll along the Devils Dyke Burwell and enjoyed a proliferation of Chalkhill Blues, Large and Essex Skippers, a single Painted Lady and loads of freshly emerged Gatekeepers amongst the Meadow Browns and Ringlets.

4 wings aren't so bad after all.

 ohh... these are beautiful

whichever side you look at them ...

Black on underside of antennae - Essex Skipper I think.