Monday, 28 July 2014

News from Kingfisher's Bridge

There are some really exciting new developments at Kingfisher's Bridge, Cambridgeshire's least well known nature reserve. They've put some HD cameras into the batcave, though I don't know when it will start feeding and where to. They've had Brown Long Eared and Natterers in the past, though obviously what we're really hoping for is Bruce Wayne.  They've also build two new hides.  The first one looks south from the top of the "mountain" over the Cam washes, and might reasonably be expected to give good views of blackwits, redshank, snipe and other waders over the winter months.  The second is to the west of the mere which will give much closer quarters sights of waders and waterbirds than you currently get from the existing mere hides, which really need a scope if you're going to pick all the multifarious ducks apart.. There's new signage and new map-age, yet the paths are less trodden and the hides less well frequented every time I go. For those like me who find the drive out to the Ouse washes a bit too time consuming to be done regularly, K's B is shaping up to be a convincing, if smaller scale, alternative. You couldn't ask for a nicer patch.

Today turned up the usual Cambs cohort of marsh harrier, little egret, grey heron, canada and greylag geese and assorted ducks.  There were plenty of common terns wheeling around and one or two much smaller, greyer backed terns amongst them, possibly a pair of black terns? In addition there were either several or one very mobile green woodpecker popping up all over the place and a lovely cloud of sand martins over the great cliff (their name not mine). there were also half a dozen wild ponies and two little girls giving themselves repeated shocks from the electric fence and laughing their heads off.