Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Washes keep delivering


The Washes have drained and drained over the week.  On Sunday 5th April a dawn raid at Sutton Gault and up to Chain Corner did not reveal the hoped for Baikal Teal.  This bird has, to it's credit, started to move north-east from Fen Drayton.  I'm not sure whether a shift of less than 10 miles constitutes a migrational trend though? 

Garganey were not so much evident as hard worked for and Ben and I found 3 in an hour or so search. When we got up to Four Balls Farm to look for the Ring-necked Duck near enough the first bird seen was an adult (or near as damn it) Spoonbill, that flew south and alighted for a short spell, allowing a blurry record shot at 1/4 mile.  Later we saw it flying up the Wash towards the RSPB reserve from Pymoor. There were also single Sand and House Martin moving west.

 Spoonbill - at some considerable distance

Today an afternoons safari took in some great skydancing Harriers near Ely, wild swans on the Washes, an American vagrant, a cage jumper, a declining breeder and some up for it colonists.

Ring-necked Duck fm - also some way away
 Ruddy Shelduck

 Feisty Avocet pairing and Ruddy Shelduck heckles
Having had a little look at the earlier migrants arriving in East Anglia, I'm very fortunate to be heading south now for 10 days birding in Morocco.  It's always a compromise leaving the Ely10 during the migration season but I hope that there's some Redstart, Ring Ouzel, Osprey and who knows what else around to enjoy on my return.