Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ely Marsh Harriers

A little late, but better late than never...

Having been told there was a male marsh harrier carrying nesting material in Ely Wild Space I decided that I would go and have a look. I combined this with a lovely walk with my 2 year old and wife. We arrived and on cue the male was wheeling around with something obviously in his talons. He promptly landed in the middle of the reed bed, popping up a few minute late, circled around again and landed in a tree!

Well there in the tree was a female and he was stood on her back. Were they mating? Anyway it was time to go, a 2 year olds attention span doesn't stretch to more than a few minutes stood still looking a a small speck in a distant tree! So we went home and I grabbed my camera, gave my wife my best puppy dog eyes and I was soon on my way back.

I ran off a few shots and then just watched the two until he flew off and she landed on "the nest site". A great time with some magnificent birds. I went home and had a look at the photos. Were they mating or not? It looks from the photos that he was bringing her food and passing it to her. You can see here she is now carrying something.