Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Got the Campervan back out on the road and headed out sedately to Lakenheath for the afternoon a couple of weekends ago and checked out the pair of Stilts that had dropped in.  They look like the same pair that had been at Wicken the previous day and the Glossy Ibis accompanying them had spent time in the Ely10 earlier in the year. 

I figured there was no better place to look for a Red-footed Falcon and although I didn't strike lucky I enjoyed some great time with Hobbies whizzing around.
Azure Damselflies had emerged and a Hairy Dragonfly also patrolled a pool.  The air was full of birdsong and I couldn't help but miss the fluid song of the Oriole that has not been heard here for 2 years now. 
The next day Mark W, Mark G, Tony, Will and I met up to "race" around the Ely Wildspace.  We ambled and enjoyed the sound variety offered within our city green spaces, we parted company about 11 having seen 71 species.  I decided to keep going during the day and spent another couple of hours in the Wildspace, the day total hit 83 which for an area of just over 2km squared is pretty good going.

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