Friday, 10 March 2017

Just Like Huny

A family trip out to Sunny Hunny for the kids birthdays had a little more avian interest than I might have expected.  I spent quite some time searching out the Med Gulls that should have bee there but weren't.  We got out by the cliffs and rock pools and the Fulmars seemed to be getting lower and lower on their cliff side soirees.  I climbed up a slip and got a bit closer enjoying their very close fly pasts and family shenanigans, all the photo's taken with a little snappy Lumix camera....still amazes where pixels have got to.

Returning to the front the cat mewing call of a Mediterranean Gull drew my attention to a 3CY bird cruising down the front.  In total 4 birds had joined the Larid throng.  None settled for long but did do loads of very close fly by's.  I just love them, one of my very favourite birds.


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