Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Gloss

The water meadows at Ely have been home to a Glossy Ibis for a while now, with the bird that first appeared before Christmas back among the Teal and Black-headed Gulls. I finally made time for it this afternoon, having glimpsed it it passing on two previous occasions. While never particularly close, it seemed unconcerned by human presence, as various doggers and jog walkers passed along the hedgerow path without causing alarm. 
Early Spring ( the blooming snowdrops would seem to suggest the change of season), is perhaps the best time of year to watch the water meadows, as later on they will dry up and lose their attraction to waterbirds. At the moment a good collection of wildfowl is present, and a flock of about twenty Lapwing briefly visited. Other waders are sure to drop in, and it is only a matter of weeks before the first Sedge Warblers of the year arrive to take up the Dawn Chorus already vibrating with the songs of Robins and thrushes.

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