Tuesday, 6 September 2016

frampton comes alive. obvious.

I'd never been to Frampton Marsh. It's been visited by a large number of Curlew Sandpipers recently, a good excuse for a visit of my own. Of course I hadn't realised that, if there could be a hundred Curlew Sandpipers, there might be a lot more of the commoner species. The 360 hide was beseiged by a host of waders roosting and jittering about the exposed mudflats. They were everywhere in vast numbers, surrounding the hide in the high tide. I did some sketching, but mostly just sat and found new birds to look at everywhere I looked. Some picked along the muddy bank just outside the window, while others streamed low over the scrape in ever increasing numbers, alighting on a sandy bar then up again as the falling tide lured them out onto the wash beyond the sea wall. This is a place to return to.

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