Friday, 3 July 2015

Coturnix from slumber

Lights out last night and head to the pillow having read the introduction of whimsical lepidopterist Matthew Oates's In Pursuit of Butterflies.  I hadn't even started dreaming of iris and camilla, the Emperor and the Admiral, when the tri-syllabic whip of a Quail drifted through the open window from the field in front of the house.  This continued for some 5 minutes and I did fling the window wide to get a good earful of this summer treat. Whether he continued through the night I'm not sure but I'd love to have the pleasure of being lulled to sleep by Quail throughout the summer.

At the back of the house the Turtle Dove has become vocal again and doing some lovely display flights.  I presume this is in preparation for a second brood although I haven't seen any evidence that the first was successful as yet.