Sunday, 22 March 2015

Scandinavian Play Date

For the second weekend on the trot I have been with the family to Jumppin Jacks, a children's play barn on an industrial estate beside the Mildenhall airbase and purveyors of off the shelf birthday parties for toddlers whose parents do not have quite enough time but do have just enough spare cash.  I know this as our daughter's last two birthdays have been held here.  I'm actually fond of the place and would recommend it.  However, prosaic family business aside, just along the road and not a sneeze or two out of the Ely10 a lone Waxwing has taken up residence around the edge of a children's play park.  This was great as I could have a look for the bird and amuse the child in one fell swoop.  Needless to say great bird showing really well at times, so couldn't find my camera...ha ha use the phone...out of juice, fortunately my wife is less complacent about keeping contact with others and was good enough to lend me hers on which I took the following pics.  Always stunning to watch, I have so many excitable memories of Waxwings over the years that each time I see one I'm filled with childlike glee and when I hear the twinkling bell like trills it's just like Christmas.  I'm hopeful a small seed may have been set today, as my 4 year old looked down the scope to see a frame filling Waxwing and took a sharp little breath in, held it and exhaled a glorious "WOW".