Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Ely Ten goes mad in Norfolk

Sunday, and the Ely Ten posse took the chance to enjoy the weather on the coast. Our main aim was to see some geese, but on the way we had close encounters with a flock of Twite, watched Grey Partridge strut amongst probing Curlew and Godwits, and compared Rough-legged Buzzard with the local Commons. Hen Harriers, Peregrine, Red Kite all made an appearance, but it was the eight species of goose that really made it a great day out in the February sunshine. Greenland Whitefront, Barnacle and hundreds of Pinks and Brents were good- but finding three Bean geese in the Pinkfoot flock and picking out a Brant/hybrid at Burnham Ovary were real highlights. If only I had brought my camera.
Only one thing to do- go back and see if I could recapture Sundays' bag......