Friday, 2 January 2015

More Goose chasing

So I figured that a flock of Bean Geese on the washes will always end up at Welney so chanced a trip with little one in tow.  Good hunch, as on entering the observatory the first group of Geese in the bins were 11 tidy Tundra Bean Geese.  I love these birds, they are the perfect Goose to my eyes, robustly well proportioned, intricately rich toned and all contrasting with satsuma orange legs and bill detail.  It helps that they are great, resilient migrants and scarce to boot, what's not to love??


A supporting cast of 1,000 Godwit and wall to wall Wigeon, Pochard and Teal just made the bright day brighter.  I couldn't find the Green-winged Teal but hey there's a good reason to enjoy the spectacle again before the weekend is out.