Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Richard's Pipit trip trumps Bunting Hunting - on the sea-shore?- I think that's the rhyme isn't it?

This morning Duncan and I made a quick visit to Fordham for the Richard's Pipit that had eluded us on Monday. I saw it briefly yesterday but it's always nice to get better views, so we both were very pleased when the thing leapt up from the tall grass and eventually, after a lot of hovering, came down on the path about 30 metres away. It didn't stay for long, but I managed to get a bit of v low quality footage in the dull light (having just viewed on the blog I see that the low resolution available is so poor its not worth looking at- in fact if I could work out how to remove it I would- it looks better on my computer, honest!), and managed to look at it long enough to take in the relevant features to produce this sketch when I got home. I noticed that it had a full set of adult type median coverts in particular, with wide cinnamon edging and slightly pointed blackish centres-  First winter or adult?-either way it was a great bird to have in the Ely 10, and very easily identified when in flight despite not being very vocal. It was obviously bigger than a meadow pipit, with a long tail and strong bouncy flight. It often hovered , tail drooping limply before dropping to the ground.
We nearly trod on the Snow Bunting again on the way back to our cars, and as it was preening I spied a chance to get some better shots of it's wings and tail. Finally it stretched........