Sunday, 30 March 2014

Out for a Duck (or3)

A sneaked in couple of hours early morning out to the Brecks unfolded to almost a full days birding with highlights including 4 singing Firecrest, 2 Goshawk, a wing barred Crossbill, 2 Red Kite, Peregrine, Woodlark, Little Ringed Plover, Baikal Teal, Ring-necked Duck, Garganey and Hen Harrier.

 A dawn look at the settling beds did not produce the hoped for singing Sedge Warbler but it was a lovely dawn and one of the male Marsh Harriers was skydancing enthusiastically.

Within the Ely 10 during the day Brendan Doe found a female Ring-necked Duck on the Washes at Fourballs Farm.  A great find as the bird was not close and even when I knew it was out there demanded a good grilling of all the diving duck.  I did luck in and whilst watching it had a 2nd winter male Hen Harrier drift in front of the scope.  A beautiful bird it showed both close and well as it moved down the Washes putting up flocks of Teal and Wigeon as it went.  At Pymoor I got distracted from looking for the American Wigeon by a bird that looked like a Marbled Duck.  I only ever saw the head and neck of the bird as it fed, well hidden within the grass, I watched it till it was too murky to see anything more of note.  Earlier, on my way back from watching the Baikal Teal at Fen Drayton, I popped in at Chain corner where a pair of Garganey were a very pleasant surprise.

Although outside the Ely10 I can't not pop in a picture of the Baikal Teal at Fen Drayton.


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